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Axelle Salon: Cover Image

Axelle Salon:

Searching for a new hair salon home? Look no further than Axelle Salon, a modern hair salon and barber opening in Zona Village of Davie, FL in spring/summer of 2021! Axelle’s talented stylists will specialize in women’s highlights, balayage, and blowouts, as well as men’s full barber services including straight razor shaves, cuts and fades, styling, and neck and beard trimming. Once open, be sure to visit Axelle Salon and treat yourself to a refreshed look and much deserved self-care. To learn more, visit our website.

Cell Fix Expert: Cover Image

Cell Fix Expert:

As experts of electronic device repair, Cell Fix It is a trustworthy and family-owned option for restoring damaged technology. Worry no more about moments of clumsiness leading to a cracked cell phone screen. Cell Fix it will offer cell phone fixes in under 15 minutes and is committed to providing careful attention and love to each item repaired. Cell Fix It also sells high quality and unique merchandise, including the most recent versions of iPhone and Samsung for $120+, along with other electronic accessories. For additional details, visit our website.

Enlightenment Med Spa: Cover Image

Enlightenment Med Spa:

Enlightenment Med Spa, an Orlando-based cosmetic surgery center, will be opening soon in Zona Village of Davie, FL. Along with the promise of honesty, compassion, and respect for clients, Enlightenment Med Spa offers a variety of beauty procedures, including liposcuplting, facial treatments, tattoo, scar, and body hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. Enlightenment Med Spa accepts walk-in appointments and offers virtual consultations for those curious about spa offerings and procedures. Prospective clients can book their appointments online so that they can look and feel good with real results in a relaxing spa atmosphere. For more information, visit our website.

Tealicious: Cover Image


Tealicious is bound to become a local South Florida favorite with delicious concoctions of milk and tea-based beverages complimented by tasty Asian snacks and foods. Made popular by their signature boba milk tea and fresh fruit drink recipes, Tealicious is committed to providing quality products that add a little fun and flavor. Originally a Taiwanese treat, Boba tea has become a popular sensation in America with its fruity flavors and creamy textures. View Tealicious menu offerings and products, visit our website.

Coming Soon: Ella Cafe Cover Image

Coming Soon: Ella Cafe

Coming Soon: La Rural Mexican Cover Image

Coming Soon: La Rural Mexican

Davie Designer Dental: Cover Image

Davie Designer Dental:


With our variety of dental specialists under one roof, Davie Designer Dental provides patients with treatments in multiple fields such as Dental Implants, General Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Kavana Kava Bar: Cover Image

Kavana Kava Bar:

Where you can find a unique blend of Pacific Island culture and modern entertainment. We specialize in serving Kava and Kratom, two popular drinks known for their soothing and relaxing effects. Apart from our signature drinks, we also offer a fun and entertaining atmosphere with pool tables, dart boards, and plenty of board games for customers to enjoy.

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